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The Princeton Journal of Bioethics requests submissions from undergraduate students for the 2017-2018 issue. We encourage submissions to the national, undergraduate journal on any topic in bioethics. Please submit by 11:59 pm on December 1st.

Submissions must contain a clear, well-development argument from any disciplines relevant to bioethics. Submissions can include but are not limited to research papers or personal analyses of issues that confront the awareness of biology in the highly technical modern age. Suggested areas of interest include: genetic engineering, medical anthropology, reproductive rights, biotechnology, ethics, philosophy, public policy, healthcare economics/insurance, status of the medical profession, areas of scientific research, environmental issues and various public health initiatives.


  • Author(s) must attend/have attended an accredited undergraduate institution.
  • Author(s) must read and sign the Publishing Agreement.
  • Author(s) may submit multiple papers. At most one paper will be chosen for publication.
  • Maximum of 8000 words (excluding citations).
  • In Microsoft Word (.doc, .docx) format ONLY.

Please submit any questions concerning eligibility via the Contact Form.